Meet The Team

Owner & Creative Director

Owner & Creative Director


I planned my first wedding in 2002 and was hooked.

My Art History degree is more useful than you’d think it would be.

I have a thing for stripes and watches.

My three kids are amazing and my husband is inspiring.

I consider myself an amateur foodie and champagne connoisseur.

I am the commissioner of the Rocket Science Fantasy Football League.

If I weren’t an event planner I would probably be an interior designer or a painter.

I love empowering female entrepreneurs. 

Event Scientist

Event Scientist


I have been with Rocket Science Events since it began,
I was an Event Scientist before that title existed.

My specialty is the execution of Gretchen’s big ideas.

I love good food, and my husband is the best cook I know.

I built robots in high school (no rockets, though).

If I lived in a warmer climate I would swim every day.

I read more books than may be entirely healthy.

I will brag about my kids with the slightest provocation (they’re pretty great).

Event Scientist

Event Scientist


I’m born and raised in Cocoa Beach, Florida. 

I’m a mother of four, wife of one, and somehow the boss of none!

I love all things related to interior design and have a strong bent towards the Modern Farmhouse charm meets a clean, rustic aesthetic.

I have a background in nursing which makes me an excellent caretaker and an efficient prioritizer.

I’ve run the Twin Cities Marathon three times and I’m not all that into running.

I’m always inspired by seeing Gretchen’s endless stream of creativity come to life in an event. 

If I could have any dessert I wanted I’d choose a chocolate chip cookie every time.

Event Scientist

Event Scientist


I love taking vacations, planning and dreaming about them.

I am from Iowa and I’m proud…I bleed Black and Gold. Go Hawks!

My family is my foundation and my inspiration.

I love the craft beer craze and finding fun ways to incorporate it into my events.

I love the motto “educate and collaborate” when working with our clients.

I love earrings.

If I wasn’t planning amazing events you would be watching me as a
broadcaster on ESPN!