2019 Wedding Trends

Well, I hate “trends” but seeing as I have been asked to contribute to a few articles (like this great one for Martha Stewart Weddings) on the subject I thought I would write my own blog post. Trends are fine for what they are, indicators of what is gaining popularity right now. I do look at trends in other industries such as fashion and interior design because I think what is happening in these two sectors specifically eventually impact special events. For example, Bureau Betak’s runway shows for couture brands such as Jason Wu and Dior are great sources of inspiration. My best source for inspiration though is my clients. Cheesy? Sure. But it’s the truth. I love collaborating with my clients because the end result is an event that is trend agnostic. It is all about the client and what they love, and even though the color palette selected may not age like a fine wine (baby blue tux with ruffled shirt anyone?) it won’t matter.

But I digress, let’s get in to what I see trending in weddings for 2019!

  1. Non-traditional ceremony set up

The trend for the past few years is away from ceremonies at places of worship (like a church or synagogue) and to the venue where the reception will be. The ceremony set up though stayed mostly unchanged, until now. I am seeing a lot more couples embrace non-traditional ceremony arrangements. Couples are way more open to ideas like doing the ceremony in the round or a long, winding aisle. Switching up the set up is just another way they can create a personalized experience.

PHOTO CREDIT: Photogen-inc

2. Mid-century Modern furniture

The stylish minimalism of Mid-century Modern furniture is “so hot right now” and if you know what movie that quote is from you know how old I am. The clean aesthetic and utilitarian design of this movement lends itself well to events. Bye Boho and hello Bauhaus!

PHOTO CREDIT: Book of Love Photography

3. Color comeback

If you asked fuchsia where its been the last several years it might quote the ageless lyricist LL Cool J: “Don’t call it a comeback, I’ve been here for years.” In 2019 I am finally seeing pastels and muted tones give way to bright, vibrant color. Clients want to reflect the joy of their wedding through their choice of colors. Saturated yellows, reds and oranges are warm, cheery and uplifting. I think for once Pantone’s Color of the Year “Living Coral” is spot on with where weddings will be going.

PHOTO CREDIT: Cadence & Eli

4. Pre-ceremony cocktails

Two words. About time.

Probably my favorite trend that is gaining momentum is that of pre-ceremony food and beverage. What a nice gesture to offer guests something upon their arrival to the wedding! It is a very memorable first impression and sets the tone for the rest of the evening.

PHOTO CREDIT: Cadence & Eli

5. Instagramable installations

I think social media is driving the installation trend, couples are looking for their personalized Instagramable moment. You are seeing a lot of large scale balloon installations these days - which I love - not your old balloon arch from the homecoming dance. Selfie stations made of boxwood walls and neon lights, crazy seating charts, and custom food displays are just a few ways installations are working their way in to weddings.

PHOTO CREDIT: Jeremie Barlow Photography

6. Big bouquets

I like big bouquets and I cannot lie! Cascade bouquets are storming on to the wedding scene like a mason jar in 2012. Large bouquets of all styles are gaining popularity particularly with brides who have simpler wedding gowns.

PHOTO CREDIT: Athena Pelton

7. Small ceremonies

More and more couples are opting for a small legal ceremony, sometimes on an entirely different day than the wedding! I am all for this trend, in fact I might take credit for starting it back in 2007. Sometimes it takes awhile for trends to take hold…


8. Unique lighting

One of my favorite trends is unique lighting inspired by home decor. Gone are the days of colored uplights around the perimeter of the ballroom as the source of secondary lighting. Lighting is shining through (pun intended) in so many ways… chandeliers, pinspotting, lanterns, cafe lights to name a few.

PHOTO CREDIT: Liz Banfield