Planning + Design MAGIC 


It’s a bummer magic gets a bad rap because it is what separates a good event from an outstanding event. No, not the pull the quarter out of your ear kind of magic. Rather the magic that gives your guests goosebumps when they walk in to the room, that feeling of wonder and joy. The sense that something special is happening – something exciting and energizing and captivating - but you can't quite put your finger on it. We know the formula for this kind of magic, to create an event your guests won’t want to leave. It is a formula that has been tested and perfected through our many years of experience. 

After all, it's Rocket Science.


Kind Words 
From Our Clients

I could have never described this vision. It was an event I had only dreamed about. Everything was designed with us in mind.

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Who is responsible for these awesome events?